Nerve And Tissue Damage.

Nerve & Tissue Damage

Damage to surrounding tissue following implant surgery is an unlikely but possible problem that should be taken into consideration when planing your treatment. If an inexperienced doctor misplaced your implant it could strike a nerve which would result it temporary or permanent damage that could end in the removal of your implant. Even being to close to a nerve can happen to the best of us so it is important you take the proper precautions.

Most tissue and nerve damage can be detected straight away as the chronic pain which can be experienced shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your oral health is very important and should be a priority, so if you suffer from any pain in your tongue, chin, cheeks, gums or jaw for longer than a week or so following surgery then you should take yourself to your dentist.

Of course you should expect blood and discomfort following surgery as they are cutting into your gum and bone after all. However this shouldn’t last very long and should be tolerable with a soothing drink and a pain killer. The most important thing is to not over look pain in your mouth as it could be worse than you think. If you feel you should see your doctor then trust your instincts as problems are possible.

Tissue damage is to be expected during any see guru involving the opening of flesh however if you feel any tingling or numbness then you should seek medical attention. These problems can be solved however have been known to result in the removal of the implant. You should take much consideration into deciding on your dentist and surgeon as problems are more likely to arise from inexperienced doctors. Your oral health isn’t something to mess with as it can lead to problems all over your body. Most illnesses can be detected through the mouth as it is a gateway to the rest of your body. Keeping it to the best standards is necessary, especially when it comes to implants and other tooth-replacement therapies as your natural mouth is being messed with.

Usually there are no problems and not all tissue damage is fatal or permanent. If your dentist has a first worthy track record and lots of experience then you shouldn’t have anything to be worried about. Sometimes it’s out of both the patients and the doctors power whether you experience problems with your implant and there are other problems that can occur not just tissue damage.

On the whole, if you treat your implant with care and keep your overall oral hygiene good then you shouldn’t experience any problems.